Chiraag Sharif
Some people are unaware of the benefits, and some individuals question the blessed lighting of the Chiraaq, therefor we have dedicated a entire page to the explanation, and any further questions regarding this matter will be discussed and posted on this page.
These days people in there houses light a Chiraag to rid of the problems, is it permissible and can problems be eliminated?
If you are prepared to learn the truth then, please read on, Allah's Walli's (friends, Saints) are those that can and do help.
Hadith: Hz Abdullah bin Umar has stated that the Prophet may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, his family and companions, has said, 'there are sure some of those within Allah's creation he has chosen specifically for the assistance for the rest of creation'.
People worried come to them with there problems and they assist them with there issues. Allah's chosen Walli's have nothing to fear of the Wrath of the Almighty.
Ref:Hayatul Aulia Chapter 3, Page 225.
So moving on regarding the lighting of the Chiraag , with reference to Fatwa, by Imam Ahle Sunnat ala Hazarat Imaam Ahmad Raza (R).
Ref: Malfoozaat Ala Hazrat, Chapter 3 Page 11-12.
1.The Chiraag should be lightened in a Chilla or in a high place.
2.You should place sadqa near the flame of the Chiraag, may it be necklace, ring, bracelet or ear ring, Other wise whatever you are capable of offering as sadqah.
3.Chiraag must be lightened by a namaazi, male or female, male being more preferable.
(please note Makhdoom Paak's Chiraag can only be lightened by a male).
4.If the problem is slight then half an hour a day, if bad 2-3 hours daily if worst then throughout the night.
5.patient should sit facing the Chiraag and gazing at the flame.
6.Prepare the Chiraag cotton according to the length of time you wish to light, read bismillah hirahmaan nirahim, and then light the Chiraag.
7.If the problem is great burn all four corners, and the patient should present sadqah on all four.
8.Where the Chiraag is being lightened there should be no photographs or pictures on the walls, no one unclean with the exception of the patient if not avoidable.
9.You should depend the time in the Zikar of Allah and Darood Sharif, and only speak if relevant and necessary.
10.Must be appropriately dressed not showing the forbidden parts of the body, for as long as your sat, in the session, and when passing by.
11.Make note of the exact time you start the Chiraag for the first time and the length of time, try keeping it lightened for as long as possible for the first day, the following day must be within that time to avoid problems.
12.When the time is near perform ablution, and say assalamu alykum Irjiyu Mazooreen.
13.Use fresh oil everyday, used oil can be rubbed on the patients body.
The above are fatwa's by Ala Hazarat, showing that the Chiraag Sharif is permissible and beneficial.
Chirag Sharif Makhdoom Paak Jehangir Semnani Ashrafi
Chirag Sharif Makhdoom Paak Jehangir Semnani Ashrafi 

Chirag Sharif of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty RA