Please have a look at some of the Charity's we have supported in recent years and support we have given to those in need.
We all have our own Responsibility and Charity begins at home, but sacrifices have to be made for the sake and pleasure of All Mighty Allah.
If Allah has given us wealth, he has given us the chance to help others, Insha- Allah.
We have a UK based charity, Ashrafia Centre And Ghausia Trust, if you would like to contribute in anyway, it will be greatly appreciated.
May Allah have mercy on all of his beloved prophet and messanger's (peace be upon him) followers, (Ameen).
Registered under the UK Charity Commision.
Charity Reg No: 1141939
Bank Transfers
You may make transfers into our designated donations account.
Barclays Bank
Account name: Ashrafia Centre And Ghausia Trust.
Sort code: 20-07-84
Account number: 23031535
Please leave a reference to what the transfer or other forms of donations are or fill in the form below to advise.
You may donate by cheque or postal order to:
Gift Aid your Donation 
Ashrafia Centre and Ghausia Trust is now Gift Aid registered, download and complete the following form and return to the Address below
Gift Aid Form.pdf (PDF — 24 KB)

Further details: 

Tabrez Manzil
Ashrafia Centre And Ghausia Trust.
90 Arden Road
B6 6AR
Make Cheques payable to Ashrafia Centre And Ghausia Trust, and please fill in the details below to advise on type of donation, i.e. Zakat, Lillah, Fitrana, Sadka, Sponsoring a Child etc.
Name, Address, Donation details
Please click this link below to donate through Just Giving or to take part in one of the projects.