Question: Where does the number system used on amulets/tahweez come from and where did it start?
Answer: There are many different ways in which we encode today or use a short hand, like binary codes for the computer, and these techniques are very old and were used before the time of our beloved prophet (SAW) however, in the middle east in 3 Hijri when this technique came in to practice there were many different ways in which numerical calculations were made and short forms and codes generated. A technique based around the number 19, (we will not go into the detail of the formula or the way it was derived) called Abjad was the technique used to mathematicaly calculate the arabic alphabet in the form of digits or numbers, and so we have, for example, bismillah hirahman niraheem = 786.
There will be more details on the use of tahweez/amulets later.
A student from an islamic school studying for a degree was doing a project on spiritual healing, she asked if she could sit in with me while I saw patients for her to observe and make notes. A few questions were asked and the answers given were as follows.
Also see spiritual healing page (click here).
Questions for Moinuddin Ashrafi.
Question: What made you go into healing?
Answer: As far as I can remember I have always been in healing.
Question: Would you describe yourself as a healer? if so why?
Answer: Yes a spiritual healer is one of the titles, and we do heal many people spiritually.
Question: Is your background a contributory factor?
Answer: What we feel may be contribution to Allah's religion etc, is only our opportunity to thank him, for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon us.
Question: From what you've told me your purpose is to spiritually enlighten people, from what I've seen, I have failed to notice this. How do you enlighten people?
Answer: spiritually enlightening people is just one of the objectives, if you have failed to notice the light, then it can not be explained how we enlighten people.
Note: These experiences are personal, and only those who it is intended for will experience and see the spirituality.
Question: From my observations which you have permitted me , healing leaves you with little or no time with your family, what motivates you to continue?
Answer: It is not true that I am left with no/little time for my family, my social life has been sacrificed if any, I am very careful of making sure time is spent with my family.
Question: You work on 100% referral, have you ever come across those who are
controversial to your way of healing? How would you respond to this issue?
Answer: This is another question that can not be answered without writing a book, however all people are welcome and each case is a unique one through our spirituality, we will handle the case/subject as necessary.
Question: What is the significance of you rubbing and clicking your fingers?
Answer: What is the significance of the Gillaf on the holy Kaaba?
Note: The holy gilaf is linked to the Kaaba and the holy Kaaba to Allah. In the same way clicking of the fingers to Gaus paak and Gaus Paak to our beloved Prophet (saw) and our prophet (saw) to Allah.
Question: You do not validate those who use jinn to assist them in healing, would this not be a better way for a solution?
Answer: Allah says we are the best of creation, what possibly can a jinn do that a human can not, Allah willing? Isn't it us humans that capture them in the first place and make them do things against their will?
Question: In your healing, you ask for assistance from gaus paak and other aulia, how is this different from those who use jinn?
Answer: Those who use jinn will first capture them and then send them on a job as I have mentioned in the previous answer. There is great healing/spirituality and power in Allah's religion, we use verses of the Quran that are specifically for healing and also the blessings that we receive from our elders, that have been passed down for generations in the form of Khilafat.
Question: Most memorable of healers is khwaja Garib Nawaz according to currie he did not use the ritual you perform today, is this not controversial in itself? If so how is it validated?
Answer: Garib nawaz should not be addressed as just a healer he is of the Aulia Allah, a wali and in India we address him as Hind-ul-Wali.
Nothing is different today, if anything we are bringing the true form of healing, knowledge and religion back into people which has been lost in recent times.
Question: Would it not make sense to ask Allah directly as he mentions in the Quran 2:102?
Answer: If that is what makes sense to some, then so be it. The spiritual world, Islam and religion is something that can not be read. With reading comes misunderstanding,
Shamsuddin Tabrez (r) has said "knowledge can not be found by reading, seek knowledge else where".
Note: See spiritual healing page and how it is important to have a shaikh/pir.
Question: Do you make offerings or honour him in any kind of way if so what?
Answer: I think with the questions that I have answered already, it is not necessary to
answer this one.
Note: We make sacrifices but that is sacrificing our time our social life, and having patience, Allah is with those that have patience.
Question: Are the healing techniques you use adapted, unmodified or even abandoned?
Answer: I have answered this above.
Question: Have you ever changed anything?If so, what?
Answer: This question is not for me to answer, we only do our tableek for the pleasure of Allah to thank him and gain closeness to him.
Question: Would society agree/disagree with it? Have you ever had any experience of it?
Answer: Most people agree with spirituality and religion. In fact, the majority of people do or should I say the highest percentage.
Question: How do you distinguish between, in a sense, human problems and direct
influence from jinn?
Answer: I think you mean a medical illness and one caused by magic, this again, is
something that can not be written otherwise you would never need a doctor or a spiritual healer.
Note: Doctors spend a lot of time studying then practicing and gaining experience, a sufi or buzrug also spends time studying by sitting in the presence of their shaikh or other buzrugs, practicing by sweeping the floor of a holy shrine, and experience by staying up in the night. This is how knowledge of the unseen is received, and then distinguishing the difference between a medical problem and one caused by magic, is as simple as the doctor knowing the difference between a cough and a high temperature.
Question: Do men and women differ?
Answer: Men and women do not differ as far as education or spiritual treatment is
Question: What is the purpose of the water and the incense sticks? Would it be used to reassure clients?
Answer: Water is free in most parts of the world or easily available, and fragrance everyone likes, however in the spiritual world there are many techniques and it is a broad subject, I have knowledge of many.
Question: For those who attend regularly is this now a dependency on you?
Answer: No one is required to attend regularly, and no one comes thinking that they depend upon me, if you have an illness and you see a doctor, or have to make regular visits to the hospital, don't you feel that it is Allah that cures, the doctor has been given the knowledge and tools to help you.
Answers above given by Saiyed Moinuddin Hasan Tabrez Ashrafi.
Question: When in the Quran it says to ask Allah All mighty directly why is there the need to go to Pir's and the like's isn't this going against the quran?
Answer: Allah almighty doesn't say to ask him directly we have been told to seek refuge in him and envoke him by his glorious names, and if we belive that we have to gain everything directly from Allah and can't seek help from anyone else, then we commit shirk by going to a doctor, asking somone for directions, getting a loan, taking medicine etc. All help, guidence, mercy, knowledge does come from Allah, however, Allah has a system which we have to follow. Without the clouds, we get no rain.
Hazrat Yusuf (alayhis salam) curing Hazrat Yaqub’s (alyhis salam), his fathers sight.
In Cairo, Hazrat Yusuf (alaihis salaam) asked his brothers concerning the condition of his father, Hazrat Yaqoob (alaihis salaam). They replied that he cries much in the loss of Hazrat Yusuf (alaihis salaam) and that he cannot see any more. When Hazrat Yusuf (alaihis salaam)  heard this, he instructed his brothers to take his Kurta (shirt) and place it on his father's face. This will enable him to see. When his brothers took the shirt and placed in on the face of Hazrat Yaqoob (alaihis salaam), he immediately regained his eyesight. Almighty Allah says: "And when the person with glad tidings arrived, he placed the Kurta (shirt) on the face of Yaqoob, immediately his eyes turned (he began to see)." (Sura Yusuf) There are many proofs in the quran about healing and as far as Pir's are concerned then to take bayat from a Pir is also something that the Sahaba did by taking bayat from our beloved prophet (SAW).
Question: If Shrines were acceptable in religion then why are there no Shrines on the graves  of the Prophets PBUT? Surley after Allah SWT they are of the highest linage?
Answer: You are under some misunderstanding that there are no shrines (mazars) of
Prophets, see pictures below, and I hope it increases your knowledge and understanding. I must also add, that the question you asked is shirk because you can't compare Allah with anyone and also Allah Jala-shana-hu does not have any lineage, as his creation does. I do understand that it may be just a mistake in the way the question was asked, but when asking a question as such, be sure to use your words carefully.
Question: Qawali where singing and music are rampant under the guise of Dhikr, is known as an innovation in islam yet you have qawali playlist on this site can you explain why you are recommending an innovation in islam?
There are many sites and books on this topic and it is not for me to go into too much detail many scholars have gone into a lot of detail and it has been accepted.
Sama or popularly known as Qawalli plays a significant role amongst the spiritual practices of the order of Sufis.  Though usually the word sama is often translated as
“Spiritual Music”, it literally means hearing.  In Sufi terminology it is the listening with the “ear of the heart” to poetry and sweet melody while being in a special state absorbed deeply in the love of the Creator. One must understand that sama is not the aim and objective of Sufism.  This practice is used by the Mashaikh to inculcate in one’s heart the love for Allah Taala, his Rasool (S.A.W.) and the Aulia.  Sama is used to provide nutrition to the soul and it is not the staple diet. 
Hazrat Data Ganje Baksh says-
“Anyone who finds no pleasure in music is either a liar, a hypocrite or he is mad.  In any case he is out of the category of men and animals”. 
The issue of sama being permissible or not has remained a debatable issue between the Maashaikh and certain Ulema for centuries.  Many have regarded it as permissible and many have totally rejected it.
Sama is indeed a most fascinating way of preaching the tenents of Islam and Sufism.  It is sweet and enchanting and serves as a guide through the Sufistic songs whose theme is always love and peace.  When Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty came to India he saw that its people were steeped into the listening and development of Indian music.  Seeing the influence of music on its people he adjusted the orthodox sama with Indian music for the first time in India and used it as a means for his propagation which was very successful. After participating in these qawalli mehfils of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty  many people accepted Islam at the hands of Khwaja Saheb.  Muslims who have their origins from the Indo-Pak sub continent owe their gratitude to Khwaja Gareeb-e-Nawaaz for receiving guidance and this is a fact which cannot be denied.
Question: Grave-worship where people commit shirk by prostrating to the inmates of the grave, Salami where people stand up to offer salutations upon
Rasulullah ??? ???? ???? ? ??? with the belief that Rasulullah ??? ???? ???? ? ???
visits the gathering. What are your veiws on this?
Without going into too much detail and answering the question as I would, first of all those that visit shrines do not worship the tomb or the saints, prostration is not the prostration of  worship as we do in our prayer but a prostration of respect....
Allah all mighty tells us in the holy Quran:-
And behold We said to the angels: "Bow down to Adam"; and they bowed down: not so iblis: he refused and was haughty: he was of those who reject Faith.
Al-Baqara [2:34] 
It is We who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels prostrate to Adam, and they prostrated, not so iblis; he refused to be of those who bow down.
Al-Araf [7:11]
Not so iblis: he refused to be among those who prostrated themselves.
Al-Hijr [15:31] 
Allah also tells us:-
"Think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead."
If those that die in the way of Allah, Allah All Mighty says are not dead then what is the status of those that dedicated there intire life and sacrifised everything in the way of the All Mighty, and what is the status of the companions of the prophet piece be upon him and above all the Prophets them selves(peace be upon them all)?
The holly Quran and the Quranic arabic is often mis understood and without the right
guidance and a true Shaikh, the knowledge can not be received.
To answer the rest of the question, all I will say is that we are Barelvi sunnis and our views are those of the true and great barelvi Shaikhs and scholars.
Question: What is SHIRK & BIDDAT. Why is the call to prayer (Azan) not started with the Durood in Makkah? Why do the arabs who are original Muslims not follow the Pir & Dargha system? Why did non of he Sahabah (RAz) not become Pir's etc....??? My problem is i am a new Muslin thanks to Allah(SWT) but the Dargha concept of Islam is only prominent in India & Pakistan the entire preachings of our Prophet are different. Quwalli and chadars on tombs for money etc is not an Islamic practice if it were it would be documented. Please explain this! Best regards.
Answer: Shirk is to associate partners with Allah All Mighty and Biddat is to innovate something which did not exist in the time of our prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family, there is good Biddat and bad, the good is what did not exist then but technology or some other means provides it now and  is permissable in our faith in acordance to the rules of shariah, the bad is not permissable.
In Saudi Arabia where we have the two holy mosques, it is not just the Arabs but the
Saudi's that have oppressed and controled the minds of the Arab people, they are not the original people, and even if so, before the time of our beloved Prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, there was worst than what you see now, but that does not make them right.
Without having to go into any more detail, the sufi concept and the Barelvi teachings are not new, even if the name has changed.
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