Spirituality and Sufism
The line of Sufism and spirituality is a very broad subject with only a beginning and no end. Books can be written for the rest of ones life but it would still only be a drop of the ocean.
Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Sahib, was once asked, what does it take to achieve a spiritual state (haal)?
Ala Hazarat said "It would take 80 years of ones devoted life".
However through the guidance of a true Shaikh/Pir it can be just a moment and the state is achieved.
A Shaikh/Pir is he who is in direct connection spiritually with our beloved Prophet (saw), and our Prophet (saw) to Allah Almighty, with all spiritual lineage in connection with the greatest order Qadria, under the authority and blessings of Sarkar Shaikh Saiyed Abdul Qadir Jilani (r).
Without the assistance of a shaikh a spiritual state can be achieved but no guarantee, that it will be achieved or stay till the last moment.
Many have come into the ocean, but have only drowned.
Ya Gaus al madad, al madad, al madad.
Spiritual Healing (Ruhani Ilaj)
Keeping in mind the above description of Sufism and spirituality.
If a spiritual person was to pray for a sick person, he would find blessings peace and a cure for his illness. Whether it is a physical sickness or illness of the soul or some sort of mental illness.
In any case or form of true spiritual healing the pir would have the authority, spiritual tools and knowledge to carry out the job.
Just like going to a doctor when we are ill, we believe, the cure is with Allah but take medication and/or treatment, and have faith in that the doctor has the knowledge, tools, experience, and know how to carry out the job.
A spiritual person also has some authority over others, which is bestowed upon him through the spiritual lineage.
Just like in the court we all rise when we are asked to, in front of the judge, then he may at some stage sentence someone to death, and everyone accepts and carries out the order. He has been given this authority and in the same way, in the world of ruhaniyat, people are given authority depending on their spiritual state (haal).
A Shaikh or Pir may also give someone the authority to carry out his duties and sit in his place in the form of Khilafat.
May Allah give us good in this world and the hereafter, and may Allah protect us from the torment of the fire. (Ameen)