Before and after all wazaif's read durood sharif 11 times and before performing any
reading in the form of wazaif it is always better to seek permission from a Shaikh.
It is important and compulsory to pray five times a day.
Rubai Sharif (ashrafia)
Ae Ashrafe zamana zamane madadnuma
darhaye basta raaz-e-kalirde karam kusha
ae Ashraf nihang darya, darya basina darad
dushman hamesha purgam ba zikr dost darad
Ya Makhdoom Ashraf Al Madad
Following wazaif's to begin with are very basic so to get the subject into practice,
carried out for three months before going onto the next stage.
Every day reading
In the morning
Yasin Sharif
21 times third kalima
21 times fourth kalima
In the evening
21 times Suarah Falak
21 times Surah Naas
In the night
13 times Ayat ul kursi
Once a week or as advised.
Dua e Ganj ul arsh
Dua Ganjul Arsh.pdf (PDF — 302 KB)
For sickness and illnesses
Dua for Diabetes[1].docx (DOCX — 96 KB)
For Sugar[1].docx (DOCX — 13 KB)
The month of Rajab and the Holy Night of Mehraj.
shab meraj.doc (DOC — 116 KB)

Istikhara Ashrafia.

Izazat to all Ashrafi.

2 rakaat nifil namaz-e-Istikhara. 
In both rakaats after surah fatiha, 3 times iza zulzilatil ardu. Surah ikhlas 17 times.surah falak 1. Surah naas 1's.
Complete namaaz as normal.
Send sawaab to buzrugane deen.
Then with eyes close repeat the following as much as possible:

Ya Shaikh Sarfuddin Ahmad Yahya Maniri Agithni Agithni.

Then raise your hands for dua. This must be done after Esha for three consecutive Friday's.

How to Perform Istikhara-e-Ghausia
1. Pray 2 rakat nafil namaz Shukrana as usual.
2. After salaam recitre Surah Fateha with bismillah 11 times.
3. Recite Surah Ikhlas with bismillah 11 times.
4. Recite Kalimah Tamjeed 11 times (3rd kalima).
5. Then say "Ya Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Agithni" 11 times
6. Then pray 2 rakat nafil namaz in the following manner
in 1st rakat recite surah fatiha until nastaeeen then close your eyes and loosen your body then recite ihdinas siratul mustaqeem, keep reciting this verse until your face turns to the
right or the left on its own, When your face turns one way, complete the remainder of the surah fateha. Now you recite surah fateha 10 more times in the normal way to make the total eleven then recite surah ikhlas 11 times. Complete the rakaat as usual. In the 2nd rakaat recite surah fateha 11 times and surah ikhlas 11 times. Complete the namaaz as usual.
7. If your face was turned to the right then your wish will be fulfilled and granted, or the
answer to your question is Yes, occationally your face can goup or down, this shows signs of obsacles in yor way, but keep praying.
8. If your face was turned to the left then your wish will not be fulfilled.
9. However if your face turned to the left then continue to pray this namaaz for the next 3
days and inshallah your wish will be fulfilled and granted.
10. This method has been prooven to be successful over many years but please dont ask for
worldly desires or use this in any bad way for bad things because it will not work and just backfire on you. this is a guide only please always seek assistancefrom a Shaikh.