Ashrafia Centre And Ghausia Trust
The main object for which the body is established is, to bring the community together in organized events, to guide the youth and others in the way of the Sufi order, and to aid the poor and needy in the form of education and welfare.
The objectives have been set by Moinuddin Hasan Saiyed, whom has a BENG Honours Degree in Electronics and Communications, and is working full time as a Opthalmic, Lab and Medical Engineer.
He has had spiritual guidance and titles, and is known also as Pir Shaikh Saiyed, Hazarat Sufi, Saiyed Moinuddin Hasan Tabrezi Ashrafi.
All support for this noble cause will be greatly appreciated. 
There are many poor families that don't get help from the government in India. In Khambhat (Cambay) at the Astana we provide education with accommodation for poor children. The madrasa is situated within the Astana grounds. There are currently approximately 300 children studying at one Madrasa.
Contributions towards the Astana are used for the annual Urs Programme and maintenance and development of the Astana itself.
We are currently working on a new project through which we can educate children, provide the sick and the poor with housing and health care in the poor areas of India and other nations. We would like to register a new charity here in the U.K and in India for this purpose. It is important to have a centre or location dedicated for this new charity, and is yet to be established.
If anyone would like to contribute in anyway, via donations, voluntary work etc, it will be most welcome and greatly appreciated.
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